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It feels like it has been such a long winter! I don't know about you, but I just want to put my sneakers on and get some fresh air. They sun has seemed like a stranger with so many cloudy and stormy days. I have always enjoyed Springtime. A rebirth of life and sort of that second chance for many things. I know I am ready for that chance to change. I always am. What are some things you are changing? Maybe it is a job, your clothing style, where you live, a hobby, or maybe you like things just how they are. Whatever it is, I hope you find peace and joy. I send well wishes that you trust you are where you are supposed to be. Life goes by so fast, just remember to see what is happening in the now and enjoy it, just like I chose to with the photo above. -Marsh Marigold pictured above. Taken while fishing with my son.

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Winter Frost Winter Frost

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Boys of Summer! Oh my heart! Watching my sons play sports, especially baseball! It always was one of my favorite things! This spring would of been three years of no baseball, and my youngest decided to play! Here we are, almost August and he is still playing. He got on a pick up team  the Woolrich Thunder! 

It can make for long weekends, but watching the life lessons he is learning, and seeing him do something he truly loves makes me SO happy! 

I hope he always knows that I will be his biggest fan! #baseballmom 


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Atlantic City, New Jersey We LOVE the ocean! I mean we really love it! So much that when our youngest is old enough, we plan to move there and make it our home or even second home!

I find such peace there. From waking up in the am to photograph the sunrise to catching fireworks off the ocean and sand! 

Next year we plan to broaden our travels, and look forward to discovering some new ocean and beach territories!

I often dream of offering destination wedding packages. Will this dream become a reality? It just may!

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Randy & Cortney: Rauchtown, PA {Engagement Session} As a professional photographer, it is always a breath of fresh air to meet a couple truly in love! Randy and Cortney are a poster for just that. It was evident during their engagement session, how naturally their love flows. From kind looks, to endearing embraces, you cannot help but to get caught up in the moment and just smile with them. I look forward to our future sessions, and their upcoming wedding!

“Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it.” 
― Nicholas SparksA Walk to Remember


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Wedding Season is in Full Swing! Happy July 2016, everyone! Wedding season, at JLP, is in full swing! I have already had the honor of photographing some amazing couples! My heart melts to see two people in love! To be able to create a photo story from that... is just amazing. It touches my soul, and makes me feel alive! You are all so incredible in your own way, and I promise to strive to reflect that in each photo I shoot. 

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Happy Fall, Ya'll It has been an amazing autumn this year. I have been blessed with so many amazing clients. Autumn is by far my favorite time of year. It gets cooler, and I cannot decide if I want coffee or hot cocoa. :)


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